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Google Mentors


Helping young talent find career guidance by seeking mentorship from experienced professionals

A platform where prospective mentors and mentees can be matched, based on similar interests, location, and availability. This project was done as part of Google Interview process






Information Technology

Scope of work and timeline

The exercise involved understanding the problem landscape through research and creating a design solution based on research insights




Research Analysis


User Experience


User Interface


The exercise involved understanding the challenges and gain insights from a mentor's and mentee's perspective through primary and secondary research methods

Problem landscape


of young professionals are clueless about who to approach when they want advice on their career path


of professionals in their early 20’s and 30’s say they are keen on seeking advice on their next career move but do not know where to go for answers

Types of mentors


Traditional Mentor/Buddy

A high performer in your organisation or at a competitor who usually has slightly more experience than you


Peer Mentors

Someone who has the same level of experience but a much advance skill set that you wish to learn


Senior Mentors

Someone who can advise you on more strategic decisions of your career

Places to find mentor

In School/University

At workplace

At an event/workshop

Online channels

Re-framing Problem Statement

Design an experience where prospective mentors and mentees can be matched, based on similar interests, location, and availability.

Research Analysis

Analysing the primary and secondary research to create persona of the target audiences motivations, pain-points and jobs to be done.

Primary Research


1:1 User Interviews Conducted


Months work experience



years work experience



Needs & Challenges discovered

Discovered Challenges (Mentors)


Finding right mentee

Mentors believe that they would mentor someone only if they can align with their goals and add value. 


Making it real & personal

Online mentoring makes it challenging to develop a personal connection between mentors and mentees. 


Understanding aspirations

Understanding the aspiration of mentees before meeting them has been a challenge that needs to be solved. 


Finding time to connect

Connecting regularly for effective mentoring becomes a challenge for both mentor and mentees. 


Understanding intent

It becomes challenging to provide effective mentorship if mentor fails to understand the needs and expectations of mentees. 


Self doubt

Many mentors face the problem of self-doubt when it comes to guiding mentees and providing direction. 

Discovered Challenges (Mentees)


Finding right mentor

Finding a mentor that can match mentees requirements is not easy online. 


Creating value

Understanding what value mentees can add to mentors has been a point of confusion. 


Approaching people

The first hurdle for mentees is to approach people online and ask them for mentorship.


Keeping track

Keeping track of the goals and vision set by the mentors become a challenge in day to day life. 


Building trust

Trusting the intentions of a person they met through an online platform remains a challenge.


Finding time to connect

Connecting regularly for effective mentoring becomes a challenge for both mentor and mentees. 

Research Analysis
User Experience

My aim was to to deep-dive into the problem landscape through primary and secondary research activities. This enabled me to map existing challenges people face while finding mentors or mentees. 

UX Themes


Genuine and trustworthy

Trust is an essential factor while establishing a relationship between a mentor and a mentee.


Clear and transparent

Enabling mentors and mentees to have clarity of expectations and being transparent about their goals is important for success. 


Easily approachable

Breaking the inertia and approaching a potential mentor is the first hurdle in a mentee’s journey.


Ease decision making

Since finding the right match is a hassle for both mentors and mentees, helping them in decision making becomes crucial. 


Personal yet professional

Establishing a personal connection between a mentor and mentee is crucial for a successful mentorship.

Information Architecture 


I did open-card sorting to come up with relevant pages and build a relation between them. Once card sorting was done, I mapped the outcome digitally.


High-level information architecture that established the basic navigational structure. 

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I selected the key features of the product and created workflows for them to understand different steps in the interaction process.

My intent was to create efficient workflows to get tasks done in minimum steps.  


Defined workflows

Image 25.png

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User Experience
User Interface

Going from ideation sketches to user-interface design to demonstrate key features of the proposed solution.

Help people to know you better

After successful registration or sign-in, the first step is to setup a profile. 

The profile aims to let people know you and your interests. It is helpful for mentors and mentees to identify their common interests and aspirations.

The profile also gives you the ability to convey what your intent is for using the apps and the kind of people you want to connect with. 

Discover Mentors & Mentees

The app matches profiles based on location, experience, availability and interests.


Suggestions for potential mentors and mentees are given upfront. Past work and mentoring experience is given more importance than other criteria while suggesting mentor or mentees.

discover mentors.png
mentors suggestions.png

Building connection and trust

Building trust is the first step of a successful relationship between mentor and mentees.

With the help of the app, the user can see the location of the suggested mentor along with their introduction.


User can also know the mentor’s interest, and filled chips represent the matching interests. Verified profiles are represented by green check next to the username. 

mentor profile.png
mentor profile 2.png
mentee profile.png

Accepting requests

Users can go to the contact tab to see the requests sent by potential mentees. They can also see the message sent by mentees and understand their interest in connecting.

User can view the profile of the potential mentee and look for matching interests, location, past experience and comments by their past mentors. 

User Interface


The outcome was an in-depth understanding of the problem space and a solution that addressed the gap that existed in the market.


The clickable prototype helped me to showcase my ideas and final solution to different stakeholders. 


There were several learnings during the 12 days of doing the exercise. I had to prepare a plan and set milestones for myself. 

A lot of learnings came from speaking to both mentors and mentees and I understood the scale of this problem. During this time I also read extensively on material design and accessibility which helped me in my final designs. 

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